We are looking forward to playing live for you all again, but until that it is safe for all of us to get together again...
we have three older Terry Hanck Band C
D titles back in stock now!

Gotta Bring It On Home to You (2014), Look Out! (2011), Always (2008)

Each is now only $15. Two for $25!
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I Still Get Excited - $20

1. I Still Get Excited (T. Hanck)
2. Smooth Tyrone (T. Hanck)
3. Early in the Morning (D. Bartley/L. Hickman/L. Jordan)
4. Here It Comes (T. Hanck)
5. Come On Back (T. Hanck)
6. Rosita (C. Andersen/T. Hanck/J. Pugh)
7. Why People Like That? (r. Guidry)
8. Howlin' for My Darlin' (C. Burnett/W. Dixon)
9. Spring (S. Banks)
10. Hold It Right There (W. Gray/T. Hanck/E. Vinson)
11. Feel So Bad (S. Hopkins)

From Roadhouse to Your House - LIVE! - $20

1. Good Good Rockin’ Goin’ On (T. Hanck)
2. Flatfoot Sam (C. Willis)
3. Junior’s Walk 2016 (T. Hanck)
4. Whatcha Gonna Do When Your Baby Leaves You (C. Willis)
5. Smilin’ Through My Tears (T. Hanck)
6. I Don’t Love You No More (I Don’t Care About You) (H.B. Barnum)
7. Ain’t That Just Like A Woman (C. Demetruis, F. Moore)
8. Can I Change My Mind (B. Despenza, C. Wolfolk)
9. Octavate’n (D. Specter)
10. Live To Love (T. Hanck)
11. Peace Of Mind (T. Hanck)
12. Slip Away (W. Armstrong, W. Terrell, M. Daniel)
13. Cupid Must Be Stupid (J. Russo C. Andersen, T. Hanck)
14. Outro (Cousins, Soubrand, Wagar)

Gotta Bring It on Home to You - $20 NOW JUST $15
1.Right Now  Is The Hour ( Elvin Bishop)
2.Whole Lotta Lovin' (Maxwell Davis, Joe Josea)
3.Pins and Needles (Jojo Russo, Chris Andersen, Terry Hanck)
4.Peace of Mind (Terry Hanck)
5.T's Groove (Terry Hanck)
6.My Last Teardrop (Terry Hanck)
7.There's No Gettin' Over Me (Walt Aldridge, Tom Brasfield)
8.Jam Up (Tommy Ridgley)
9.Gotta Bring It On Home To You ( Terry Hanck)
10. One Horse Town (Don Robey, Joseph Scott)
LOOK OUT! - $20 NOW JUST $15

1. Here It Comes
2. Keep A Drivin'
3. Ain't That Just Like A Woman
4. Catch That Teardrop
5. You Coulda Let Me Go
6. Side Tracked
7. Girl, Girl, Girl
8. Appreciate What You Got
9. Train Kept A Rollin'
10. I Keep On Holding On
11. You Give Me Nothing But The Blues
12. My Girl Josephine
13. Just One More Time

Always - $20 NOW JUST $15
1. Cupid Must be Stupid
2. The First Time Around
3. Good Good Rockin' Goin' On
4. My Last Teardrop
5. Stingy
6. When I Get My Shit Together
7. Quicksand
8. Always
9. Good Kind of Lovin’
10. Live to Love
11. Peace of Mind
12. Deep Fried Twinkies
Night Train - $10
1. Night Train [Terry Hanck]
2. Junior's Walk [Terry Hanck]
3. Smilin' Through My Tears [Terry Hanck]
4. All Around The World [Titus Turner]
5. Ooh Lawdy My Baby [Tommy Ridgley]
6. Run Run Baby [Terry Hanck]
7. Wish I Had Never [Tommy Ridsgley]
8. Somebody Have Mercy [Sam Cooke]
9. Big Blue Diamonds [Earl J. Carson]
10. Let The Four Winds Blow [Dave Bartholomew, Antoine Domino]
11. Another Light [Terry Hanck]
12. Have Mercy Baby [Hank Ballard]
LIVE! - $10

1. Have Mercy Baby [Hank Ballard]
2. Flatfoot Sam [Clara Wills]
3. Pass The Peas [James Brown, John Starks & Charles Bobbit]
4. You Don't Know Like I Know [Isaac Hayes & David Porter]
5. You Could Have Let Me Go [Terry Hanck]
6. Can I Change My Mind [Barry Despenza & Carl Wolfolk]
7. Sen-Sa-Shun [Freddy King & Sonny Thompson]
8. Hard As You Can [Terry Hanck]
9. Shoot Your Shot [Autry DeWalt, Lawrence Horn, James Graves, Jr.]

I Keep On Holdin' On
Currently out of stock
1. Hard As You Can [Terry Hanck]
2. Cryin' Fool [Terry Hanck]
3. Flatfoot Sam [Clara Wills]
4. Is It True? [D. Bartholomew]
5. I Keep On Holdin' On [Terry Hanck]
6. She Ain't Coming Back [Terry Hanck]
7. I Don't Love You No More [H.P. Barnum]
8. You Could Have Let Me Go [Terry Hanck]
9. Whatcha Gonna Do [Chuck Willis]
10. One Horse Town [D. Malone/J. Scott]
11. Where's My Baby [Eddie Bo]
12. Itchy Twitchy [Terry Hanck]
13. Travelin' Mood [Steve Spirn/James Wayne]
14. One Horse Reprise [D. Malone/J. Scott]
Live & Raw - $20
1. Mexico [Terry Hanck]
2. Ya Ya  [Lee Dorsey]
3.Cryin' Fool Terry [Hanck]
4. Let a Woman Be A Woman, Let A Man Be a Man [Arlester Christian]
5. Saxso-Borracho [Terry Hanck]
6. Slip Away [Clarence Carter]
7.Walk That Walk [Terry Hanck]